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Great people with honest prices for your gold and silver. Highly recommended if you need cash for gold and silver. I was so impressed with how much I got for what took in that I went home and came back again the same day! They offer first time customers a nice Starbucks card bonus and even offer to put change in the parking meter for you. Unbelievable service!!
Jared B., Sherman Oaks, CA

I had the BEST experience at Jewelry 1 on 1 !!! Its a family owned business and they are soooooo nice,caring and trust worthy. Very friendly and down to earth couple who will sit and go step by step about explaining every process and will answer every question and concern that the customer has. I felt very happy, safe and well taken care of. THANK YOU JEWELRY 1 ON 1 !!!!
Nana S.

I have shopped around at many of the gold buyers in the area. Many are less than trust worthy, and many try everything to get you for that few extra grams of gold. Its really scary and worse than buying a car! Some of these places are just strange.
The experience I have had with Jewelry 1 on 1 has been great. They are nice people and fair. You get the 'family' feeling and, while they are a business, I have found them trust worthy and straight forward.
Brett C., Canoga Park, CA


I really had a good experience with this store! they are very friendly and very patient. they even told me that one of my bracelet is white gold and i told them that it is, instead of getting couple of $ i got much more. thanks to their honesty i got way more $ in my pocket! thank YOU!!

They were awesome! I will be back with more jewelry to sell! They were fast and efficient and gave me exactly what I was hoping for!!! I highly recommend these very very honest people.


I'm a complete novice at selling gold and jewelry and had no idea what the process was or what the value of my jewelry was. I was afraid that I'd be cheated or at least, low-balled. I first went to a very large business that advertises with dozens of huge signs on their property. You can't miss this place as you drive by it on Sepulveda Blvd. They offered me $1,275. When I told the salesman that I wanted to get another price from another gold buyer he warned me that this price was only good for "today," a typical high-pressure tactic that's sometimes utilized by used car salesman! Jewelry 1 on 1 gave me $3,100, MORE THAN TWICE AS MUCH for the same package. The owner, Eli, welcomed me to his store, introduced himself and shook hands with me. He took the time to explain each step of the testing procedure to determine the purity of the gold and the silver as he went through the process and made sure that I understood everything that was going on.
Jeff S., Encino, CA


Jewelry 1 on 1 is such a refreshing change of pace - I have dealt with snooty, ill tempered and seemingly dishonest buyers in the past - BUT THESE PEOPLE ARE FANTASTIC. Such a great experience, so friendly, willing to answer any and all questions without making you feel foolish for not knowing....just the best. I will never, EVER go anywhere else to sell my gold and/or silver.
Jenni R.


Where to Sell Gold in Los Angeles

JEWELRY 1 ON 1 is your best option to sell Silver and Gold in Los Angeles. We buy and sell Gold and Silver in any condition or variety. If you are looking to sell Gold and Silver in Los Angeles, we encourage you to check the market for Gold and Silver prices before you come to us. The only time we disclose our prices is when you deal with us in person, and you will be surprised how high our prices are compared to our competitors. You are in no obligation to sell your gold and silver to us and you have the liberty to choose the best cash offered for your gold and silver because all we want is you to be satisfied. In the end, rest assured that you will be receiving the highest cash for your gold and silver from us.

Gold Buyers and Silver Buyers in Los Angeles

Our goal is to provide our clients exemplary service has made our name synonymous to excellence in the gold, silver and other precious metals trade industry in Los Angeles and the whole of Southern California. We are gold and silver buyers in Los Angeles offering the most cash for your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, jewelry and coins, at the fastest possible time. The whole process is always done in front of you, from start to finish so we guarantee that you will get the most cash.

The Most Cash for Gold and Silver in Los Angeles

There are several places that offer cash for gold and silver in Los Angeles but when you deal with JEWELRY 1 ON 1 you will find out that you will get the most cash for your gold, silver, platinum in Los Angeles. We constantly update our buying prices to keep up with the dynamic pricing of gold and silver in the market and when you deal with us you will get the most cash for gold and silver in just minutes! You come in to our shop with gold and silver and you get out with the most cash. Remember, deal only with legitimate and trusted gold and silver buyers. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business so there is no need to tell you how honest and reputable we are in the conduct of our business.

Jewelry Buyers in Los Angeles

No person wants to part with his or her treasured possessions including jewelry, but sometimes it cannot be helped but to resort in selling our jewelry in order to stay afloat during these trying times. No amount of money can measure sentimental value of any jewelry. When you come to us, rest assured that we will treat you with the same kind of professionalism and personal touch experienced by our countless satisfied clients. Fine jewelry or quality estate jewelry, no other jewelry buyers in Los Angeles understands the value of one person’s jewelry more than Jewelry 1 On 1.

Gold Coins and Silver Coins Buyer In Los Angeles

We are Gold Coins and Silver Coins Buyer in Los Angeles. Gold coins, Silver coins, platinum coins of any kind like US Gold Eagles, Silver Eagles, Krugerrands and US Platinum Eagles, to name a few are the ones that you can get the best deal when you decide to sell them to us.


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